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What is HOPE Community Center?

HOPE exists to support adults with disabilities in pursuing an empowered, healthy, and community-enriched life.  Approximately 300-400 people are served every year with more than 120 programs offered monthly in education, recreation, socialization, and volunteer opportunities
.  Programs and services are available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 2:30pm.  The HOPE building is 14,000 square feet on 2.5 acres of land within the City of Adrian, Michigan.

What is HOPE Community Center’s Purpose?

Empower adults with disabilities and promote their citizenship. 


For people with disabilities to be known, loved, and accepted in their community by unleashing their individual potential as contributing citizens.

Citizenship for people with disabilities is about themselves recognizing their own potential, being given the tools to pursue that potential, and their gifts being recognized and appreciated by their local community.

Who does HOPE Community Center Serve?

Adults with Disabilities
HOPE serves individuals with any kind of disability who are 18 and older, with a focus on those with developmental disabilities.

The Community
HOPE strengthens the community by 1) giving people with disabilities the tools and experiences they need to reach their full potential, 2) breaking down barriers such as disability stigma that isolates people with disabilities from community-life, and 3) connecting people with disabilities to the community in meaningful ways.

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